A Play in the Life of… Amy Blakelock.

Who would play you and why?

Greta Gerwig. She has this scatty energy that I relate to as a very dyspraxic / off planet person. But she also has this fierce intelligence and wit which I (can only hope to) emulate!

Who would direct and why?

Lyndsey Turner – I loved her physical, sparse, visually impactful staging of ‘Girls and Boys’ by Dennis Kelly; and how she invoked the presence of imaginary characters onstage. One of my favourite plays too. 

Who would be / play your main co-star?

Gillian Anderson. She’s so cool and I thought she gave a brilliantly complex performance in the Young Vic’s production of ‘Streetcar Named Desire’. I love her outfits too and her in general, I want to be her friend!

Which theatre would you choose to have your run in and why?

The Royal Court – the ultimate writer’s theatre, one of my favourite spaces.

Describe a funny scene (based on a funny moment from your life).

I would probably write about something from my childhood with my sister because we always did idiotic things that drove my mum mental. Once we got these fairy wings, and my sister said we should try flying in them. So, I jumped down this spiral staircase and twisted my ankle. Needless to say, my sister didn’t jump but stared from the top of the stairs, clearly having changed her mind!
Another time she wanted to make me into a caterpillar so coloured me in green with a sharpie and it didn’t wash off for about three days…

Or there’s the time we made ‘cookies’ for my mum aka scrambled eggs – the list goes on!

Describe a challenging scene (based on a moment that has challenged you in your life).

I would write something about female fertility and loss, as this is a topic close to my heart and I think it needs to be discussed more.

If you had to categorise your play by genre, what genre would it be? E.g. comedy, tragedy, romance etc.

Drama punctuated by comedy.

Tell me about a character in a play you can relate to and why?

Laura in ‘The Glass Menagerie’ by Tennessee Williams because she’s a worrier, and struggles with confidence / expectations placed on her. 

The play is also special to me because I first found it in the school library and it made me want to write myself. I think Williams was very ahead of his time in terms of his sensitivity to mental health.

Best thing about theatre in ONE word.


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