THE BUTTERFLIES OF LIFE written and performed by Chirag Lobo & Daniel Adeosun. Directed by Darren Sinnott.

 Last week I went to BETWEEN THE CRACKS at Jermyn Street Theatre I saw three snippets of excellent new writing from the Jermyn Street Theatre creative associates and several guests (congrats to all involved), with one in particular sticking in my mind. THE BUTTERFLIES OF LIFE is a fast-paced, perceptually engaging account of two friends, Ayo and Varun who give us an insight into their ‘everyday’ in the institution they study in.  

The rapport between the two is brimming with energy and banter but succeeds in communicating the prevalent topic with unequivocal impact – Ayo and Varun are both isolated and marginalised due to skin colour.  

We watch as they gear up to an internal university meeting – “probably the most significant meeting of our lives,” snapping in and out of fantasy and reality about how the hour could go. At one point, they read through a documented list of racist, offensive comments perpetrated by their peers and lecturers. The blend of humour and satire-style scenes amongst the pain of the everyday environment for these two characters makes for a powerful watch.  

Although just short in length, the performances are buzzing and the direction captures and communicates the essence of the writing, actors and space with fluidity and dynamism.  

Very excited to see how this piece progresses and perhaps see another version at some point if that is on the cards for the duo. Keeping my ear to the ground. Fingers crossed!  

Photo is not mine.

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