A Play in the Life of… Emily Robertson.

Who would play you and why?

Kristen Bell. We are the same height and I’ve always felt that if we met, we’d be friends. Someone once said I reminded them of her, and I’ve never been so flattered.

Who would direct and why?

Contemporary choreographer, Crystal Pite. Everything she creates is beautiful, powerful and perfectly crafted. I saw ‘A Picture of You Falling’ at Sadler’s Wells and it was mesmerising.

Who would be / play your main co-star? (In whatever role you feel significant e.g. family member, love interest, friend etc) 

I’d need an ensemble to play all my amazing female friends that literally keep me alive and sane. We will need to recruit the cast of Bridesmaids. I’d also like Billie Piper, Michaela Coel and Phoebe Waller-Bridge to join my girl gang. There will need to be unison choreography to Spice Girls.

(P.s Leslie Odom Jr must play my boyfriend, please and thank you.)

Which theatre would you choose to have your run in and why?

Sadler’s Wells, it has to be.

Describe a funny scene (based on a funny moment from your life)

It’s Kristen Bell’s first ever tour date on a new show with a new company. It’s an outdoor arts festival. 20 minutes before a show, she nips to a nearby port-a-loo. The lock gets very jammed, she is trapped. Poor Kristen Bell starts to panic about the imminent first show and starts banging on the door, drawing a crowd. Luckily (?) for her, right next to the loos the local fire brigade have a truck parked at the festival. Cue an overly dramatic rescue involving 4 men and an axe. The crowd applauds and films on their phones as Kristen emerges, mortified. 

Describe a challenging scene (based on a moment that has challenged you in your life)

There will need to be a hefty act on anxiety and imposter syndrome. There’s a happy and hopeful closing dance break before the interval though. And Leslie Odom Jr does a great job at supporting Kristen Bell through it all.

If you had to categorise your play by genre, what genre would it be? E.g. comedy, tragedy, romance etc.

I think we would have to leave that up to audience interpretation. This is contemporary dance after all.

Tell me about a character in a play you can relate to and why? 

The role I play in Highly Sprung’s ‘Urban Astronaut’, Hope. She has all the qualities I wish for myself. Strength, intelligence, resilience, a complete rejection of the patriarchy and a sense of duty to leave the world in a better place than she found it. She’s a determined eco-warrior and I love playing her. 

Best thing about theatre in one word.


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