Life: LIVE! by Lucy McCormick. ★★★★

SO great to see Lucy McCormick back and pushing performance boundaries as hilariously and boldly as ever. Lucy’s alter ego Lucy Muck bursts onto the stage of Battersea Arts Centre ready to treat us to an evening of songs from her first ever album. Her lyrics are full of parody but impressively written and performed with a live band who accompany her throughout. As well as the musicians, she has her right hand woman, Morven Mulgrew on side for costume and set changes at the click of a finger. At one point, Mulgrew drills through the boards of the stage mid-song so Muck can dramatically exit before pleading for an audience encouraged encore. She plays the combination of needy, bashful and narcissistic with such skill and wit.  

The action isn’t restricted to the stage – a recurring theme in Lucy’s shows. Despite not being able to immerse herself within the audience as she’s done previously, (thinking back to POST POPULAR when she launched herself amongst us channelling her inner Boudica) she still keeps us on the edge of our seats as she pops up in different areas of the space. After her rain dance, which has all the influences of a recognisable sexy rain dance we’ve all seen in music videos time and time again, she emerges, shivering, breathing heavily into the microphone, hurrying Mulgrew who heaps her with towels. “I’m freezing…” she mutters. Fave song of the night comes nearing the end when she appears wearing part of the rubber stage floor (you heard right). She gazes out dramatically and sings her track ‘are you well?’ – an ironically meaningful hit.  

Muck’s show focuses on her belligerent demand for attention and the outrageous lengths she’ll go to in order to get it – her commentary on celeb culture and the vanity that fuels it is, as always, spot on. Can’t wait to see what she does next!  

The Life: LIVE! run has sadly finished but keep an eye out as I’m certain it’ll be back on stages soon (perhaps even with audience interaction once restrictions allow)!

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