50% CANADIAN, 100% CRAZY, LET’S LAUGH AGAIN by Michelle Christine. ★★★

Ok, so my first review of Edinburgh Fringe 2021 is actually for a comedy show (theatre incoming), but Michelle’s storytelling is gripping, so it feels like a happy blend of comedy/performance rather than a show that just flies the stand up flag.  

Michelle transports us back to pre-pandemic life, regaling us with an account of a tour extravaganza that combined two of her great passions, comedy and motorbikes.

She never fails to highlight the significance of simply asking for what we want out of life. With this in mind, she takes us back to sewing the seeds of the tour and re-enacts several phone calls with various marketing executives at different BMW branches around the world. After talking herself up as a comedian / motorcycle journalist (she reminds us playfully that she’d only published two articles at this point), and inspired by Ewan McGregor’s documentary series LONG WAY UP, she bags herself several month’s worth of free motorcycle rentals from BMW. The deal being that she’d post her adventures online to promote the brand.

The tour tales that follow are hilarious, honest and full of energy with entertainingly detailed references to the people, places and moments that shaped her experiences. Her message is loud, clear and brimming with enthusiasm – she asks “what’s the worst that could happen by asking for something?” – the worst, she acknowledges, is that you might get a no. But she reminds us; you might just get that yes that could open doors you never thought existed. So, why not be brave and simply… ask! 

This is Michelle’s sequel to her show 50% CANADIAN, 100% CRAZY, LET’S LAUGH (also on at The Waverley Bar, just an hour earlier at 2:15pm), but she stresses the two shows can be enjoyed individually or back-to-back – the choice is ours! 

50% CANADIAN, 100% CRAZY, LET’S LAUGH AGAIN is on at Upstairs Lounge in Champions of Festival @ The Waverley Bar (Venue No. 438) 3-5 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TA at 3:30pm until Monday 30th August. £5. Go check it out!

Tickets available here.


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