AFTERPARTY by Rachel O’Regan in association with New Celts Productions and F-Bomb Theatre. ★★★½

The cast kick off the show with heaps of energy – they address us directly and invite us to join the mega night out that they are itching to start in celebration of their final school exams. All five of them are pumped and as we watch them get ready, booze flowing, we have an inkling that this will be a “ladies night” they won’t forget.  

The characters have noticeably distinctive traits, values and perhaps most significantly, upbringings. Although they are peers, there is a blatant tension between certain characters that centres around opportunity and financial instability versus financial stability. I’m referring in particular to Lexi (Sally Cairns) and Ella (Annie Welsh) who clash throughout. I found these sections particularly interesting to watch with the substance of deep-rooted conflict surrounding class offering a deeper and explorative layer to the story.  

The fun, music–fuelled sections of the piece set the scene well with slick transitions and routines that had me feeling somewhat nostalgic for my nights out at that age (although I don’t miss the hangovers)! Also, a special shout-out to Kirsten Hutchison who played Corrie – she absolutely stole the show for me with sharp comic timing and natural delivery. Her performance was fully believable.  

I felt a drop in pace slightly at points, which conflicted with the oomph of the opening and ending scenes. Also, I think some characters felt a little stereotypical in their personalities and how they represented teenage angst, confusion and expectation – perhaps a more subtle delivery could be considered. On the flip-side, I totally get that the writing intends to play to the laughs which was indeed accomplished with these performances.    

Overall, great energy, well structured writing and meaningful themes raised. Go check it out at theSpaceTriplex – Jenner Theatre, Venue 38, The Prince Phillip Building, Edinburgh, EH8 9DP until Saturday 28th August. 4:50pm. £9.50/ £6.50 concessions. Tickets available here.

Photo by Hannah McEachern.

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